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Raz Fresco & Chill Will - "SalmonILLa" [Video]

Sneaker heads will surely appreciate  "Salmonilla" the latest visuals from Raz Fresco and Chill Will. With lines like– "Deadstocks locked up longer than Mandela" and "a dude asked me how your soles icy and you ain't leave the floor wet?". Metaphors that are easily understood in the sneaker community. This is the second video from the duos The Popcorn Tape EP and they plan on releasing more in the future. The use of hard thumping 808s synonymous of the early 90s and the duos dress code almost strictly old school Tommy Hilfiger, Polo and BH. It is very understandable why they are beginning to grab the ears of American listeners especially in New York City. It will be great see what the next few months has in store for these guys but it very clear that they are heading in the right direction. 

Download: Raz Fresco & Chill Will - salmonILLa

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