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Rhye - "Open" (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

We'll attempt to talk about how great it is to have Ryan Hemsworth remix a Rhye song but it'll be hard not to string together a non-sensical series of positive words, simply because each artist is outstanding in their own right. RBMA said it best: "This song is too good for an edit..." but Hemsworth pulls it off.

Hemsworth has a 100% passing rate of successfully splicing and dicing some of our most favorite video game sound effects with some of our most favorite modern day jams. And Rhye has become the virtually untouchable the holy grail of most tender music to possess our ears within the last five years. Not to mention their equally devastating music video work as of late, which always leaves us torn up in tiny pieces, questioning anything and everything we thought we knew about love and life. To borrow from Ne-Yo: they're a movement by themselves but certainly a force when they're together. 

Indie · Soul


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