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Geronimo! - "Genius is Dead"

Chicago's Geronimo! have always churned up a hefty froth from nothing, but their latest track "Genius is Dead" just might be their fiercest to date. The first single off the upcoming cassette The Metal David Byrne (the third in their Buzz Yr Girlfriend tape series) roils and screams with the kind of furor you'll only find at a DIY basement show—or in an oncoming hurricane. Geronimo! condense guitar-fueled space rock into a compact punk runtime, as if Hum and Hüsker Dü shared a studio for three minutes. Fans of grit, gristle, and bloodied throats take note.

The track is the trio's first output since their sophomore full-length Exanimate was released last October. Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol 3 – The Metal David Byrne will be released March 29, 2013 via Exploding in Sound Records.

Stream: Geronimo! - Genius is Dead

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