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Beck's 360-degree 'Sound and Vision' Interactive Video

If you hadn't witnessed Beck's truly 21st century preview of his 360-degree, somewhat interactive performance covering David Bowie's "Sound and Vision", don't worry about it. The full version is here and it's completely interactive. 

The alt-experimental rock musician and his team which include music video director Chris Milk (his work includes everyone from U2 to Kanye to Green Day), took to setting up a series of 360-degree cameras used to pick up facial recognition, performance angles and all notes played by a large host of musicians of which include a 170-piece orchestra and a gospel choir. The end result is probably the fullest definition of "interactive" out there. Users will find they have an uncanny level of control in guiding their performance experience. The loading time varies depending on your Internet's strength but safe to say, the wait is worth it. Check it out here.

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8 years ago

Won't load for me... guess my computer sucks =(