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Chance The Rapper - "Juice"

Getting past Chance The Rapper's nasal voice may take a bit of getting used to, but think of his music as fresh fruit,  where you have to get through the outer layer to enjoy a sweet inner core. Once you're in, you'll see the experimentation in his flows and a new take on modern hip-hop. If you like music that is unique and different when it is becoming tougher to differentiate one MC from another in a crowded genre then chances are that Chancelor Bennett (Chance) will spark your interest.

The Chicago rapper's newest offering "Juice" has been a long time coming and may be one of his more accessible songs to date, with a fitting beat that doesn't distract from his strong lyrics and approach. This is the first listen that Chance has posted off of his forthcoming mixtape Acid Rap, an album influenced by acid jazz and--you guessed it--LSD. Download "Juice" and check out the video below.

Download: Chance the Rapper - Juice [Explicit]

You can also download "Juice" from NPR here.



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