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Ghost Beach - "Close Enough" (Feat. Noosa)

Indie and electro pop duo Ghost Beach is out with a vengeance and is channeling their drive through an energetic series of anthems as of recent. One of their latest releases, "Close Enough" features songstress Noosa and her serene vocals. The contrast between her vocals and Ghost Beach's spastic electronic style in this particular tracks plays off of one another, making for a banger of a song. In addition, there is also that every-so-slight 80s influence that Ghost Beach loves to use along with a large synth palette to back it up. "Close Enough" is a high-octane song with adrenaline inducing lyrics, synths, and hard-hitting beats, which will surely put you back on your feet after a day's worth of slump. Check out Ghost Beach's Facebook page for the free scoop.

Tighten up your pants and grab an ice pack. This track is comin' in hot and fresh.  

Play: Ghost Beach - Close Enough (Feat. Noosa)

Ghost Beach

Close Enough (Feat. Noosa)

  • Crazy Heart Records
  • 2/13/2013


Electro Pop · Indie · Pop


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