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Dinka & Leventina - "Elements" [2013 Reload]

This week the first lady of uplifting progressive house, Dinka, partnered with fellow Swiss duo Leventina to give a huge update to her track "Elements." While maintaining the ethereal element throughout the track that she's most famous for, the addition of harder beats, stronger progressive melody and electro elements also give us a glimpse into what's on the radar for the future. 

Stream: Dinka & Leventina - Elements (2013 Reload)

What's really most interesting about this update is how much this release proves what has changed in those years in between this track's original release in 2009 and now. Check out the original mix below to see for yourself:

Dinka & Leventina

Elements (2013 Reload)

  • Unreleased Digital
Dance · Progressive


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