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The Pro Letarians - "Take Your Time" [Video]

The Pro Letarians are a hip-hop duo out of Indiana who are worth getting to know. Their sound is an amalgamation of hip-hop; contemporary style and flow met with classic sample-heavy beats, all without a shred of sing-tone hooks or gimmicky mispronunciations.

Jupiter Jim and J.O. have released just released a new video for their track "Take Your Time", off of their sophomore album, 2012's Not All Of Me Shall Die. The video captures the essence of the song, in which Jupiter Jim does a good amount of reminicsing (all with the complement of melody provided by Maggie Smith). The video itself is a departure from the group's other video-related efforts, but that willingness to try something new is part of what makes The Pro Letarians worth supporting. 

You can find a link to download "Take Your Time", along with the rest of Not All Of Me Shall Die below.

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