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Dvnny Seth - Prespliffs Vol. II [EP]

Everyone's favorite (or soon to be) white rapper from across the pond just released his first extensive EP. Prespliffs Vol. II is not so much a mixtape but more so a culmination of Dvnny Seth's hip hop career leading up to this point. With a set goal in place, creating three volumes of Prespliffs mixtapes leading into his debut album Teaspliffs, it will be hard to veer this kid off his tracks.

For those that thought Dvnny was a simple rap over trap artist, many will be pleasantly surprised by the number of originally produced tracks, that have little trap influence at all. The first track of the song, "Monumental Pt. II" is the introduction for the rest of the mixtape, and by the second track you learn that he isn't just a one trick pony. "Prespliffs II" is the second song off of Prespliffs Vol. II, and takes an original British hood rap on a retro R&B style beat.

The next few tracks in the mixtape shows Dvnny's pure talent in the rap game. Blending songs from countless styles by nearly unknown producers, Dvnny's smooth flow glides you through. Before you know it, you hit the "See Me Interlude" sampled from the classic orchestral song "O Fortuna."

Beyond the interlude is when things get fun. "Toronto" takes it back to his love for the dirty south, and features the crafty lyrics of rapper Su Bviley of the Tribe Gvng. "Split Persona" takes a tip from A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator and creates an inner dark alias with a rather demonic voice for the hook. The standout track in my opinion is the lo-fi bass tune "Paychecks." Produced by Zach Nahome, and taking influences from UK bass and the dirty south from the states, seems to blend perfectly with Dvnny Seth's flow and persona.

Artwork by @yoskarie

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8 years ago

best ep/mixtape so far in 2013

8 years ago

very next level wow