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Starkillers, Dmitry KO & Amba Shepherd - "Let the Love"

American producer Nick Terranova, or Starkillers as we know him, further ushers himself into the best of the best with the release of "Let the Love," a progressive house work created from lots of collaboration. Working with Dutch producer Dmitry KO, the two producers have obviously found a rhythm in their projects together. Out on Spinnin Records this week, the track has a classically uplifting club-oriented synth line and a sound that you can listen to on repeat. But that's not what's exciting about the track - it's the many simple elements that all fall correctly into place when put together, making this undoubtedly a huge chart hit.  Next on her list after her huge release "Finally," with Mikkas, Aussie singer Amba Shepherd's highly demanded vocals on "Let the Love" are the finishing piece to the song, bringing in a wonderful emotional element that rounds out the sound fully.

Stream: Starkillers, Dmitry KO & Amba Shepherd - Let The Love (Original Mix)

Let the Love



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8 years ago

Lovely. Amba Shepherd is always a solid vocalist