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Ta-ku - 25 Nights For Nujabes [Night 11- 15]

As we pass the midway point in Ta-ku's 25 Nights For Nujabes, he continues to crank out tunes dedicated to the late Nujabes without fail. Each song is different in its own respect, though each are haunted by Nujabes' influence and style. The Australian beatsmith has been doing a wonderful job of mixing each song up to avoid that easy trap of redundancy in these types of tributes. Ta-ku continues to scramble the tempo and moods of each groove, such as incorporating vocal samples, strings, or taking away a dominant beat. Going from Night to Night, you'll experience dynamic changes compared to the previous, which is the mark of a well-rounded producer. Need to catch up? Don't worry, I included links to our previous two posts covering Nights 1-10. So here it is, the next five Nights coming right up.


25 Nights For Nujabes

  • HW&W


Downtempo · Lo-Fi


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