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Earmilk Interview: Illuminati AMS + FAM [Exclusive Mixtape]

Situated in Soho is a little group called FAM. They are not your average producers; they don’t make music, they don’t lay beats, but they produce. They make things, unique things - products and experiences. They bring like-minded people together and today they introduce our EARMILK community to Illuminati AMS. Illuminati AMS is a 4-person clique, but the world will know all about 'em soon enough: 2013 is their year. Big ups to Illuminati for doing the accompanying mixtape for everyone. 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/76157579" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

As far as FAM goes, the group is made up of Sam Campodonico Ludwig, Emi Stewart, Francesco Struzzi and Duncan Winecoff. The name FAM is short for Family.  You know, like "Whats up Fam?" or "Oh yeah, she's Fam." It's also an acronym for their main concentrations - Fashion, Art and Music. So why the mention? We are so used to hearing about the artists, but don’t ever know who exactly is behind the scenes. Well these are the people. In addition to working with Illuminati AMS,they create special experiences with musicians -- like having Radiohead (including Thom Yorke) surprise DJ at their Coachella event in 2012. Lately, though, they’re known best for throwing banging parties in NYC with tactfully selected emerging talent, bringing in the likes of trap frontrunners Lunice and Baauer.

I had a chance to ask the group a few questions for our readers who wanted to know more about the behind the scenes action.

EARMILK: What has been your favorite event to date and why? 
FAM: The Exquisite Corpse Project, hands down. It was our first engagement as a team. We converted a historic-landmark warehouse in the Lower East Side into a pop-up gallery and venue for FW12 Fashion Week. For the art, we approached 33 of New York's most exciting artists in a blind collaboration, creating 11 large-format triptychs which were suspended from the ceiling by high-performance airplane cables. The art was auctioned with proceeds going to Art Start, a local 501(c)3 dedicated to the art education for homeless youth. 4500 people came through during the week it was open. Not bad for our first event. It opened a lot a doors, including the opportunity to work with Rolling Stone magazine.
EM: How is the NYC music/nightlife scene in your eyes at the moment?  
FAM: Nightlife in NYC is a wild beast, adapting and evolving as necessary. There is always room for more underground bangers, Brooklyn holds down that scene well, but are trying to keep it alive in Manhattan.
EM: What is the best and the worst part of your job? 
FAM: The best part is the freedom we have to be inspired and create. We work with great talents to help them manifest their dreams while also expanding our own capabilities and knowledge. We live, love and absorb. It's pretty special.  
Honestly, there isn't a "worst" part right now. Of course we struggle and we stress, a lot some times, but at any given moment, if we stop and put things in perspective, we can truthfully say that we are very lucky.
EM: What album releases are you looking forward to in 2013? 
FAM: Anything by A$AP Mob, Lunice, HudMo, Baauer, Illuminati AMS, Cyril Hahn, Ryan Hemsworth, Danny Brown, Twin Trip, Joey Bada$$, Four Tet, Stooki Sound, Mess Kid, Wild Beasts, so many it would be stupid to try to list them all.
EM: What would you tell other people who want to work in the entertainment/event industry?  
FAMDo what YOU like. Trust what YOU like. Don't let others dictate what is "cool" for you. Projects always turn out better/more impactful/more rewarding if you believe in what you're producing.  Have fun at your own events, if it means throwing your buddy some money to manage the night, do it.  You dont want the "event bish" to kill your vibe, yo.
EM: What are your plans for 2013? 
FAM: It's a secret.
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anyone got the tracklist?

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Nice! Can we get a tracklist up in hurrr?