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Lazyeyes - Lazyeyes [EP Premiere]

Last week, we shared the video for the debut single from Brooklyn shoegazers Lazyeyes. The track caught our ears with its piercing guitar lines, swooping vocals, and exploding choruses. As we'd hoped, the whole of the band's self-titled debut EP aspires to the same heights traced by "Wait". 

The Lazyeyes EP, due out this Saturday, glints with guitar arrangements that manage to billow out with neon vapor while remaining precise, controlled, and patient. Lazyeyes might be launching glowing bottle rockets every which way, but they know exactly where each of them is going to land.

"Wait" still shines as the highlight of the four-track release, but everything from the post-punky downstrokes on "Daydream" to the chunky space-rock chords on "Forever" hits the bullseye of the guitar fetishist's pleasure center. Aesthetically, this might well qualify as garage rock, but Lazeyes' love for complexity in melody blossoms all over the record. Yes, there are even guitarmonies.

Stream: Lazyeyes - Nostalgia

Stream: Lazyeyes - Forever

Stream: Lazyeyes - Wait

Stream: Lazyeyes - Daydream




Lazyeyes EP

  • Self-released
  • 1/26/13


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