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Cazzette - Eject [EP]

Swedish duo Cazzette release their final installment of their Eject EP series with Eject, Part III this week. Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Björklund are the second, newer project for Avicii's manager ASH, and come with a bit of an underground, forward thinking edge to them. Tech savvy as they are, the boys released the compilation in three pieces only on Spotify over the past few months. Doing this was different for us listeners: it felt like we had a bit of a tangible relationship with the artists, like we've been listening to a playlist of theirs that they sometimes update with a few new tracks. But in this case, the tracks happen to be exclusive and brand new.

With the recent trends and tendency to move toward harder, less melodic composition, the world of electro house can sometimes feel a bit monotonous. But this release from Cazzette (and every other that we've heard from the two), feels like it reinvigorates the genre. The visibility we get into the composition of each track is exciting, and worth joining Spotify for if you don't already subscribe.


Eject EP

  • 1/22/13

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