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Porter Robinson & Mat Zo - "Easy" (Willy Joy Remix)

At first glance I was a bit skeptical, and this happens with every remix of an electro house track for me. I mean, it just isn't my area of expertise or more so interest. But I have the utmost faith in Willy Joy and his music. Finding originality in the EDM trap realm is few and far between, but somehow Willy seems to keep everyone on the edge of their seats with every new track he produces, be it an original, bootleg or remix. One thing you can expect is the unexpected.

In this remix to Porter Robinson and Mat Zo's "Easy", Willy Joy slows down the sample and as he describes it, tries "to make it as lush as possible while still banging in the club." My opinion is he achieved this without question. The lushness, as he describes, filters in and out throughout the song creating natural and soothing builds and drops.

Bass · Trap


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