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Noyce - "Can't Think"

Natural soundscapist Noyce has been back at it in the studio, creating ambient, airy tracks that will surely transport you and your mind to different places. Noyce is an electronic music producer from Manchester/Sheffield, Britain. He has only recently jumped onto the production train with only one EP under his belt (Moment's Good). But don't let that fool you. Noyce has got quite the style to sting in that he merges progressive and experimental electronic styles with organic ambient. These ingredients make for creative and versatile compositions that provoke intrigue in the ears. His latest work, "Can't Think", is no exception. In a typical Noyce fashion, the track lacks a traditional beat. In most of his work, we won't here any snares, bass kicks, slaps, and any other percussive sound that is populating trending songs. Instead, he relies on the natural sounds and unorthodox effects as the replacement. You'll notice that there is an undeniably organic feel in "Can't Think", which is his signature characteristic in his tunes. He utilizes a non-traditional song structure and seemingly untimely sounds, it feels chaotic and messy. However, Noyce manages to make it work and polishes it to the point of solitary bliss.

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Electronic · Experimental


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