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The Dirty Nil - "Zombie Eyed"

Canadian punk rockers The Dirty Nil fill the A side of their new split single with the kind of noise you thought was sealed away forever next to your grade school soccer trophies in the garages of the 1990s. This Hamilton trio, whose split 7-inch with Northern Primitive is available as a free download for the next month, aren't content just to be loud, either. On "Zombie Eyed", sky-high guitars whoop and roar in turn with chunky basslines and unabated hollers. The surface might be filthy, but a real love for rich electric tones comes through bright and clear. These three deal in space rock riffs tapered to an earthly glower.

Download: The Dirty Nil - Zombie Eyed



The Dirty Nil

"Zombie Eyed"

  • Indoorshoes Records
  • 1/8/13
Grunge · Lo-Fi · Punk


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