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Lil B - "I Love You"

Despite Lil B being an incredibly confusing human being, a music video in which he cries inside a pet store while making love proclamations to his fans and just humans in general actually make a lot of sense. 

Basically, Lil B is probably the most non-judgemental, accepting, and earnest person [sic?] on the planet. As such, a music video for a song entitled "I Love You" being filled in a pet store is perfect because, like the BasedGod, animals are also 100% non-judgemental, accepting, and earnest. Seriously, this is the most logical thing I've seen in 2013 thus far. 

But don't let Lil B actually making sense scare you, because he eventually pulls through and lets you blow a gasket when he cries for about a minute and a half at the end of the video. Just watch. 

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