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Bleached - "Next Stop"

Punk rock sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin are finally poised to follow up three excellent 7-inches with a sun-soaked full-length. Bleached, the Los Angeles duo responsible for janglers like "Think Of You" and "Dazed", return with the first single off their upcoming debut LP Ride Your Heart, due out this April.

"Next Stop" might filter out some of the raw grit of Bleached's previous work in favor of a smoother, easier sound, but it doesn't clamp down one bit on the raucousness that the sisters Clavin have been cultivating since they first taught themselves to play their instruments as middle schoolers. Grinding guitars and breezy vocals churn verses into perfect hooks. It's a simple formula, but one that rewards repeat listens.



Ride Your Heart

  • Dead Oceans
  • April 2, 2013
Indie · Punk


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