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Sander Van Doorn - "Joyenergizer"

Though the New Year has just begun, the bangers already have started pouring in. One of them comes from the veteran artist Sander Van Doorn, who has moved away from his trance roots over the last few years, having taken an interest in the grittier side of house. It appears the artist follows in the vein of “Kangaroo” with his latest release, “Joyenergizer”, channeling the dark powers of the party gods. At times the track plays on a brooding sense of '90s rock and at others it is full throttle, I’m-about-to-loose-my-mind-when-this-drop-hits. With a range of electronic hits, from trance classics like “Ninety” to this newfound electro house party machine, Sander Van Doorn truly has mastered this craft. Oh, and check out the official “Joyenergizer” video for a truly hedonistic vision of the track.

Stream: Sander Van Doorn - Joyenergizer (Original Mix)

Sander Van Doorn


  • Doorn Records
  • 1/7/2013
Electro House


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