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Henrix - "Rock & Rave"

I’m not really sure what to say about Henrix, except that his music speaks for itself. The bios I have read outline a funny anecdote, telling the hyperbolic tale of a young boy who “grew up on the mean streets of Tijuana” and offering no more information than his ludicrous encounters with luchadores, easy women and pan flutes. However, this latest release shows that, whoever he is, his talent as a producer may even outdo his lighthearted approach to life. "Rock & Rave" has a menacing feel, and some great highlights, like an ever-present, skittering percussive line. On top of this the lyrics, “sex, drums, rock, and rave, let’s get smashed and misbehave,” seem only too appropriate for what little I know about the fellow. Check him out and maybe you'll find yourself a new luchador.

Electro House


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