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Daily 2% - Chilled and Ready to Serve [Zooey Deschanel + Leon Redbone]

This is your Daily 2% - Chilled and Ready to Serve. We will try to bring you one "chill" track every day. This is for when you get home and you are trying to unwind. You reach for that glass of laced eggnog or that unlit Black & Mild or maybe you reach for something more herbal and festive. This track is for those times. We are just your milkmen and I'm here to make a delivery. Chill...

Today's delivery is brought to you by Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redbone. It's that time of year when we get with family and spend the best, and worst, of times. Most people talk about the presents but honestly we know the real joy comes from the holiday routines that we end up sticking to. And, I don't know about you, but it doesn't feel like the holidays unless I watch my favorite holiday movies and shows. And one of the newer favorites has to be Elf but i'm not going to go too deeply into explanation only because there can't be a person alive who hasn't seen it and I don't wan to bore you. But, one thing that always stood out to me was the track "Baby It's Cold Outside" which is performed perfectly by Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone. The chemistry shared between to the two accentuates the warm and fuzzy feeling that you already get around the holidays. And Leon Redbone perfectly imitates the 1950's like voice inflections and instantly gives the track a timeless sound signature. It's the perfect track to accompany this cold weather most of us are getting. Check out the track and chill...and tell me some of your favorite holiday movies you watch!

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/27595420" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Best holiday lines:

"I'm a cotton-headed ninny-muggins."  - Elf

"You're what the French call les incompetents." Home Alone

"Don't you know a kid always wins against two idiots?"  - Home Alone 2

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! When I get home, I'm getting a CAT scan!" - The Santa Clause

"John: You throw quite a party. I didn't realize they celebrated Christmas in Japan. 
Joseph: Hey, we're flexible. Pearl Harbor didn't work out so we got you with tape decks." - Die Hard

"It's Christmas and the kid's gettin' his fuckin' present." - Bad Santa

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