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Gwen Stefani – "What You Waiting For" (3.A.M. Remix)

Who would have thought this song would make a comeback, other than that of late night playlists where us twenty-somethings reminisce of days long gone? But here we are eight years after its release, and 3.A.M. has taken this cheesy pop staple and transformed it into a gritty bootleg remix. The only tick-tock you will find comes from the pounding bass and an ever-present grind, taking you farther and farther down the jagged rabbit hole. Besides Stefani’s well placed vocals, what really caught my attention – the synth chords that break through the song about half way through.

And check out the mix they dropped last week, featuring a wide range of genres that they clearly draw influences from in their original productions.

Electro House


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