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Paint Branch - "Brighton Beach"

Remember Q and not U, those tight-jeaned, stage-stomping art punks that followed Interpol on tour midway through the aughts? They've since dispersed into memory, but half of their roster has teamed up again to churn out new tunes of a mellower stock.

In contrast to Q and not U's frenetic, thrashy post-hardcore, Paint Branch (the collective moniker of longtime friends and collaborators John Davis and Chris Richards) stir up spacious, meditative alt-rock that's just barely spiked with their Dischord heritage. Between its patiently echoing guitar lines and wordless harmonies, the newest track from these two sidles out of the D.C. bustle into the winding, tree-lined roads of Maryland. Pastoral without being precious, "Brighton Beach" embodies the nervous yearning of being hopelessly lost in a beautiful place.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/70148112" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Paint Branch will self-release their debut album I Wanna Live on January 8, 2013.

Alternative · Indie · Rock


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