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How to Dress Well - "& It Was U" [Video]

If you haven't been listening to Colorado's tangy R&B experimentalist How To Dress Well, it's likely there are several people who've been telling you to get on with it already. For the most part, we'd like to be among those guiding voices, as Tom Krell remains one of the most interesting emerging talents in the past few years. HTDW recently came out with a video for his uplifting track, "& It Was U", off his September album release, Total Loss.

Produced by Urban Outfitters, the video is clearly dusted in gold, playing not only to Krell's ethereal, other-worldly falsetto (think The Weeknd, if he was a church-going man - a bit ironic considering Krell is Jewish) but also to the song's throbbing beat and tart finger snaps. The whole thing encapsulates a 90's R&B revival which is the exact time and space Krell seems to dwell in. The video concept, on the other hand, is a bit problematic but altogether fascinating. Seems about right for something produced by Urban Outfitters. We'd advise listening to the song once before watching the video as the images will likely be unseeable once you watch. 

Experimental · R&B · Soul


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