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Marcus Schossow - "Helvete"

Marcus Schossow is continuously paving the way in the genres he produces in, creating a new niche with his own gritty, aggressive and melodic take on trance. With tracks that are always on the precipice of hard electro, he's released another track with that same aim entitled "Helvete."

Out this week, the track with the title meaning "hell" in Schossow's native Swedish language, is one that fits in perfectly with its counterparts currently out on Garuda recordings: it's melodic, with a winding progressive trance build up leads into a much harder, electro loop after the drop. And there's the added touch of cheeky humor we've come to love of Schossow: a little vocal blip with attitude, "OMG, is this dubstep?!" right before the track gets down in the dirt. 

Stream:Marcus Schossow - Helvete (Original Mix)


Helvete - Marcus Schossow

Marcus Schossow


  • Garuda
  • December 10. 2012
Dance · Progressive


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