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Maya Jane Coles - Easier to Hide [EP]

Lots of new things are happening for Maya Jane Coles. She's got a new EP, Easier to Hide, out this week, and it just so happens to be the first release on her brand new label I Am Me. What remains the same, though, is her status as the maven of deep house and on the Resident Advisor top DJ list. 

As her first EP out in over a year, MJC brings her best, which includes a range of sounds and some highly anticipated grooves. From the downtempo electronica in "Back to Square One," to the classic deep houseified "Run With the Wild," we get every aspect of Coles's talent in one place. The title track, "Easier to Hide" is consistent with Coles's style: smooth, deep bass, with a stringlike sounding synth loop and a soothing female vocal tying the track together. And "Over," the highly anticipated track debuted on Coles's essential mix from 2011, is finally released with this EP as well.

Easier to Hide proves that the ability to curate a great EP is still a very valuable talent in a world of a multitude of single releases. In the end, it's a great snippet of what we'll be able to look forward to more of coming out of I Am Me.

Stream:Maya Jane Coles - Over (Original Mix)

Stream:Maya Jane Coles - Run With the Wild (Original Mix)

Stream:Maya Jane Coles - Easier to Hide (Original Mix)

Stream:Maya Jane Coles - Back to Square One (Original Mix)

Dance · Deep House


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