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The Prodigy - "Breathe" (The Glitch Mob Remix)

You never know when new music is going to drop, and sometimes it's best to stay up late into those Fourth Meal hours of the night. I had heard rumblings that The Glitch Mob were busy in the studio, whipping up some of that glitch-heavy electro that I've come to respect and love. But I certainly wasn't expecting a remix of The Prodigy's "Breathe" to grace my speakers at 3 AM. The original track from the English electronic duo, having been released in 1996 on XL Recordings, has obvious elements of rock-infusions, which were thankfully kept intact by Ooah, Boreta, and edIT,  but amplified by "the glitch" as I like to call it. With expertly placed near-isolated vocal snippets - the intro and 2:24/2:25 section come to mind - massive builds that wind you up with energy, and glitch drops that will have you distorting your body in pleasure, The Glitch Mob pays a worthy tribute to The Prodigy.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/69911183" iframe="true" /]

You can grab this remix off of the Added Fat EP, which accompanies a much-needed 15th anniversary Expanded Edition of The Fat of The Land (which you may recall as being The Prodigy's 3rd full-length album), courtesy of XL Recordings once again. 


Electronic · Glitch


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Pavel Chernishev
8 years ago