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Only Real - "Backseat Kissers"

Only Real is a new one-man act out of London making bright and fuzzy surf rap.  I've been pumping these tracks and dreaming of a now distant seeming summer all week.   There's something  nonchalante and teenage about the echoey lyrics and unfussy beats... Like songs from the coolest 90s teen movie soundtrack ever.  Staying true to that vibe Only Real's newest track Backseat Kissers is a catcy laidback homage to fumbling make-out sessions in the back of daddy's whip:  "Backseat Kissers is for the kids who roam all day and float all night”, says Only Real. “It is a product of the things I see and experience every day in West London. It is the introduction to Only Real. REP REAL."

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Experimental · Indie · Rap


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