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Apster - "Bucklekneez"

One listen to “Bucklekneez” and you’ll understand why Apster makes a great addition to Afrojack’s label, Wall Recordings. The young Dutch artist stays true to the dutch house name, with high energy progressions and extended climbs that will ignite any crowd. Like turbine engines revving up, the song drops into some classic highs that alternate being relentless and then slightly reprieving. There’s also a very warm melody in the break, which takes all the time it needs to mature into a full fledged, back-breaking stomp.   It’s no wonder that two of Apster’s tracks ended up being on Afrojack’s Favorite Wall Recordings of 2012 Beatport chart.

Stream: Apster - Bucklekneez (Original Mix)


Electro House


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