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Robert DeLong - "Global Concepts"

Did he make you f***ing dance? That he did. Robert DeLong released his first track “Global Concepts” off his debut album Just Movement (due out January 22) and it’s the perfect fusion of his rock n’ roll vocals and electronic dance. The singer, songwriter, producer, programmer, and drummer absolutely shines on the track. Very few electronic artists sing over their own tracks, which makes this compilation a true demonstration of artistry. For a man that believes making music is easier than physics, it is only natural to say his aptitude for music is advanced.

DeLong was born and raised in Bothell, Washington where he grew an affinity for music through the drum set. It wasn’t until he graduated that he decided to pack his bags and head for sunny Los Angeles to pursue his music career. In LA, he found himself playing in multiple indie rock and folk bands while simultaneously mastering the art of audio engineering and digital production. During that time he began incorporating video game controllers, drum pads, keyboards and a full acoustic drum set into his performances, making his live show both a dance party and form of art. He took the skills he mastered and for the last 2 years spent time creating an entire dance album, Just Movement. You can also add remixer to his resume. He takes Two Door Cinema Club’s “Sun” and Pacific Air’s “Float” and turns them into dance floor friendly remixes. Stay tuned for the album in January and in the meantime check out the single and remixes. 



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