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Beat Connection – The Garden of Forking Paths [Album]

Looking for a group that can fulfill your heart's desire for some psychedelic electronica pop? Search no more, we have you covered. The project of Ree Juenger and Jordan Koplowitz, Beat Connection came into existence while the two were attending University of Washington. Released in 2010, their first EP Surf Noir featured the songwriter Tom Eddy on the first single "Silver Screens". Just last year, Beat Connection expanded their membership to a four to enhance their live performances. However, it was Eddy that eventually became an official member as of recently.

The Seattle-based electronic group dropped a surprise album The Garden of Forking Paths on us not too long ago, which includes a collection of demos and outtakes as well as solo compositions. If you haven't heard of Beat Connection, let's just say they are a wonderful addition to your easy listening summer time themed playlist. Their music resonates with a feel-good vibes that make you want to kick back and pop open a cold one.

Download: Beat Connection – Is It Still Yesterday? (2008 Lost Demo)

Disclaimer: the tracks in The Garden of Forking Paths are quite different from the normal pieces. They are less poppy and more beat focused, such as "Is It Still Yesterday" and "Intro To Opulence" . Regardless, the album has quality tracks that are definitely worth checking out.

Download: Beat Connection – Intro To Opulence

You can still snag the album off of their SoundCloud page while it's hot.


Beat Connection

The Garden of Forking Paths

  • November 8. 2012


Electro Pop · Electronica


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