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Pinch - MIA 2006-2010

Tectonic Recordings founder Rob Ellis, otherwise known as Pinch, is set to release a twelve track compilation of original production and remixes of off-label tracks that chronologically timeline the evolution of his sound. From his early rise in 2007 with debut album Underwater Dancehall, Pinch has had an influential hand in the broadening the genre and helped unfold it into what it is today. Over the past six years, Pinch has released many tracks for other labels while tending to his own impressive imprint, which features some of the the top talent in the bass genre. The compilation emerges as a testament to some of the highlights and outliers that credited Pinch with the respect and standing he has today.

Quickly flipping through the tracks, a distinct change in mood and texture occurs as the years go by. The deeper, emptier sounds that became a trademark of mid 2000's dubstep feature prominently in the beginning tracks. The dark wobble quickly takes on the motif of techno, most notably marked by "136 Trek" released on Punch Drunk back in 2008. And surges into the eclectic sounds of more contemporary tracks like "Elements" from his exclusively vinyl Swamp 81 release back in 2010. Having said this, note that "Elements" is only featured on the CD version of this release.

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Additionally, available in the CD and the bundle-only digital package is Pinch's first ever dubstep track, "Deserted Island", available for the first time since it's creation in 2004. Those who have long been fans of Pinch may be attracted to this release as a m
ore collectible item as well as it being a cohesive collection of Pinch's sound since 2006. To those new to Pinch, the release is an excellent collection of music from one of the curators of modern dubstep.

MIA 2006-2010 will be released on 16 Novemeber 2012, on CD and digital formats via Tectonic Recordings.


Missing In Action 2006-2010

  • Tectonic Recordings
  • 19 November 2012
Pinch - Missing in Action 2006-2010
01. Qawwali VIP (Planet Mu ‘06)
02. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Ghaudi ‘Dil Da Rog Muka Ja Mali’ [Pinch Remix] (Six Degrees Records ‘07)
03. Chamber Dub (Soul Jazz Records ‘07)
04. Cave Dream (Planet Mu ‘07)
05. 136 Trek (Punch Drunk ‘08)
06. 30Hz ‘Mutate(d)’ [Pinch Re-Work] (Lot49 ‘08)
07. E.motive (Planet Mu ‘08)
08. Motion Sickness (Tempa ‘08)
09. Attack Of The Giant Killer Robot Spiders (Planet Mu ‘09)
10. Henry & Louis ft Steve Harper ‘Rise Up’ (2Kings ‘09)
11. Elements (Swamp 81 ‘10)
12. Emika ‘Double Edge’ [Pinch Remix] (Ninja Tune ‘10)
 -    Deserted Island (Previously unreleased bonus track ‘04)


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