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Ill Blu - Illusions EP

"Ill. Blu." If just the mention of that drop gets you going, you're in for a treat. Arguably we haven't heard much from them since their blazing UK Funky-defining releases on Numbers and Hyperdub. So it's a special pleasure when something new from them drops on house heavyweight MadTech Records, Kerri Chandler's new imprint that's receiving support for pushing the envelope forward while maintaining the momentum of past sounds. The Illusions EP proves the fanfare is for good reason - three club-ready firestarters with that funky flavor you'd expect from Ill Blu and then some:

"Omar" is a big enough instrumental on its own, but you gotta show love for a sample from The Wire. "Tick Tok" keeps the inertia going before a more strictly house-leaning venture on "2nd Nature." Works very well in a set, there's a reason DJs like Oneman and Breach have been reaching for it. Bonus free remix from rising star Thefft. Better late than never as this one's been out for a bit (MadTech's on fire and already on their next release from Voyeur, which you'll be hearing soon) so if you've been sleeping hurry up.

Bass · Dance · House


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