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Ultraísta - Smalltalk Remixes [EP]

Londoners Ultraísta get their breakbeat/synth-pop single "Smalltalk" remixed by masterminds Four Tet and Matthew Dear. The Four Tet remix keeps the break-y vibe and adds all the kling-klang percussions needed to add a satisfying industrial feel. This remix also includes a lovely 1-minute+ breakdown that smoothes out to blissful synths. On the flip side, Matthew Dear takes a darker, more eerie approach. As the track progresses, it gets druggier if you will, and three quarters of the way into it, Dear gets dramatic and serves up a scary piano number that I can see being played at Dracula's funeral. Extremely well made tracks that really bring you to another world. Now doubt Four Tet delivers the dreamier of the two, but Dear's version is definitely the more evil counterpart. 

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