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Shermanology & R3hab - "Living 4 The City"

Shermanology has had a huge 2012. This hasn't just been their breakout year, but the latter half truly gave the Dutch trio a chance to define themselves as artists. Comprised of brother and sister Andy and Dorothy and cousin Leon, the group has run with the huge unnamed success they began with from partnering up with producers like Afrojack. Shermanology's more recent releases have been showcases of the powerful vocal talent quality we've now come to expect, such that also reappears on their most release with R3hab, "Living 4 The City", out now on Wall Recordings. The next step for the trio includes making their mark with live performances at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas and a forthcoming DJ set at Pacha NYC. I personally got to witness their great stage presence and crowd engaging antics when they came out for a live performance with Afrojack live at Ultra Music Festival this year, and their energy rivals that of their music.  

In this track, R3hab makes a departure from his recent slew of Top 40 and pop-related progressive sounds to give us a harder electro take on "Living 4 The City". The Dutch DJ has also had a stellar year, making his name known through a breadth of releases, remixes and collaborations that show his adaptability and marketability within different musical styles. "Living 4 The City" brings us back a bit closer to the chainsaws and electro grinds that initially made R3hab a household name, with deep bass-heavy sounds that sound new and interesting with the help of the uplifting and soulful vocals from Dorothy Sherman.

Stream: Shermanology & Rehab - Living 4 The City (Original-Mix)

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Shermanology & R3hab Living 4 The City


Dance · Electro House · Progressive


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