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Negative Time - Jori Hulkkonen & Third Culture

Finland and Singapore meet. The result? A phenomenal collaboration between Jori Hulkkonen and Third Culture. The new album,  Negative Theme, released September 24th is the debut artist album off the My Favourite Robot label. This 14 track LP is a showcase for Hulkkonen's production prowess and Third Culture's signature sound, and what a showcase it is. 

Jori Hulkkonen got his start in music in 1993, with his first releases coming out on F Communications. He has since worked with a plethora of artists, from Jesper Dahlback to Robyn and Tiga. No stranger to dj'ing either, Jori has traveled across the globe playing clubs and festivals from Australia to Zurich. A veritable veteran of the techno scene, Hulkkonen has gone on to start the awe inspiring Acid Symphony Orchestra, "an experimental avantgarde techno ensemble of eleven persons, featuring ten Roland TB-303's, performing a raw score written, conducted and mixed by Jori." Even got the coveted recognition of Ralf Hütter. All Hail Kraftwerk!

From one end of the spectrum to the other, Third Culture is a producer and college student who splits his time between New York and Singapore. Best know for his bootleg mashups, Third Culture has worked with the likes of Nicky Romero, Pierce Fulton and DallasK. Of note, was Third Culture's work on the remix Armin Van Buren's single Zocalo.

This duo's effort on Negative Theme has produced a real standout album, one in which listeners are treated with sounds ranging from ambient waves to jacking house. A real treat for those who have been following both artist's careers and who have a love for a mellowed bass line paired with the expert layering of synths. The show stoppers on this include: Causalities of Casualty and Liquid Hologram. 

Download: Jori Hulkkonen & Third Culture - Liquid Hologram feat. JiiHoo (Original-Mix)

Download: Jori Hulkkonen & Third Culture - Casualties Of Casualty (Original Mix)

Ambient · Deep House · Techno


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6 years ago

This is not a collaboration between Jori Hulkkonen and Third Culture! This work is solely that of Jori Hulkkonen. He has released it under the moniker of "Jori Hulkkonen as Third Culture". The guy named Third Culture that you're referring to was not involved at all. Kind of funny that you refer to Third Culture's "signature sound" then.