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Skrillex - "Bug Hunt" (Noisia Remix)

Never would I ever have thought that in two years the long haired/part shaved head, bro-stepping, goth child (more affectionately known as Skrillex) would be producing music for a Disney movie…  But here we are with a Wreck It Ralph soundtrack that includes the Skrillex’s name, and can top it all off with a stunning remix by the well-respected Dutch trio Noisia.   While the movie might be PG, this edit of “Bug Hunt” certainly isn’t child friendly – at least not for those tiny eardrums… Starting off melodic and dreamy, the track soon morphs into something much more: an all out assault of dub house. There is no lack of grind or grit, which contrast well with the breaks and an ear-catching, descending mid line.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/65419285" iframe="true" /]

Noisa just finished an appearance at Escape to Wonderland, but will be back in Europe for shows in Belgium France, and the UK. Check his Facebook for more information.




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8 years ago

thanks for all the download links. this blog as really gone down the toilet.