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Awson & Ily - "Signs" (Original Mix)

A bit of something new for you, coming from a yet unheard of DJ duo that hails from the lovely country of romance, fashion, and cheese – France.  Awson & Ily (possibly names, or possibly referring to being awesome and ill) happen to be brothers, and the two have just graced the world with their new electro house single “Signs.” The track has all the makings of a quality production with great chord progression, good timing, and certain dancability. However, it also possesses those extra tidbits that put it above and beyond the usual new artist feature, specifically complimentary and smoothly inserted sampling alongside a variety of instrumentals that keep the track fresh. Here’s hoping that this recent release on G6 Records is just the tip of the iceberg for the young producers.

Stream: Awson & Ily - Signs

Dance · Electro House


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Aether Lift
Aether Lift
8 years ago

Haha the intro is the preset Butterfly Stance from Massive!

Krystian Szewa
8 years ago