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Vitalic - Rave Age

French producer Pascal Arbez, better known as Vitalic, returns with a brand new eclectic production, maybe one of his most sophisticated to date. The new album’s called Rave Age, and despite what the title might say, it’s a strong and selective mixture between club weapons and nu-disco like inspirations, where you can definitely find some of the unique sounds he has carried on through the years. A merge of genres is overall accompanied by a strong indie oriented touch, as in "Rave Kids Go" and "Fade Away." More techno calls from “Stamina” and “The March On Skabah” add a well-addressed hard touch, while Vitalic’s usual punk and progressive attitudes show up, specifically in “La Mort Sur Le Dancefloor” and Under Your Sun.” Many acts collaborated on “Rave Age,” including vocalists OwlleRebeka Warrior from electroclash duo Sexy Sushi, Scottish Shit Disco’s Joe Reeves, and former Air and Phoenix French contributor Stephane Alf Briat, who mixed the album. We finally can tell this one’s a well packed disco and techno compilation, filled with successful ideas and a great string of vocal featuring, which I believe is the key to taking Vitalic’s new album to a high spot once again. Out now on Different Recordings!

Stream:Vitalic - Stamina

Stream:Vitalic - Rave Kids Go

Stream:Vitalic - La Mort Sur Le Dancefloor


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8 years ago

You wrote "out now" but isn't the album dropping nov 5th...?

8 years ago

Pre-order available now from iTunes, also the first pick 'Stamina' came out today. But yes, official - full - release date is November 5th.