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Different Sleep - Infinite [EP]

Electronic chill fans, perk up for this particular producer. Different Sleep (Rafa Alvarez) is a San Diego-born producer who is the chief chef of cooking up groovin' mellow beats. Over the last year, I've kept a quite ear and eye on him as he developed and refined his production skills through original work and countless remixes of other artists. In the past, he has released numerous singles and remixes that showcase his skill and what he has to offer in the electronic scene. His most recent EP, Infinite, promptly establishes his skill set that has the ability to flow through other genres as well. From experimental to house to ambient, you'll find them all in this EP. However, listening through each of the tunes, you'll notice that mellowed-out feeling, no matter how subtle or predominant it is. Expect this in Different Sleep's future work, as that is the backbone to his persona and style. Infinite is more on the eclectic side regarding the cohesiveness among the tunes included, but that isn't his aim. Don't look too far into this EP, just enjoy his excellent pieces and take them as they are: wonderful.

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Different Sleep - Infinite

Electronic · Experimental · IDM


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