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Psycho White - "Push 'Em" [Video Premiere + Interview]

 Travis Barker has always been a man who wears many hats. Widely considered to be one of the most talented drummers in music, Barker is most famous for his role in the pop-punk powerhouse that is Blink-182, though that's far from the only way he's occupied his time over the last 10 years (the length of the "associated artists" section on Barker's Wikipeida page is staggering).

Despite having released a solo-record last year with Interscope Records (Give The Drummer Some), he's already back at it, with a new collaborator and a fresh sound. This time around it's Alabama's Yelawolf who lends his signature flow to Barker's beats, in a project dubbed Psycho White. The duo's sound is aggressive and unique, meshing in a way that's both unanticipated and enjoyable.

You can find Psycho White's brand new video for their single "Push 'Em" below, followed by our interview with Mr. Barker about his latest endeavor, and about what the future may hold for one of music's biggest hustlers.

Earmilk: Where are you? And if you drove there, what'd you drive?
Travis Barker: Answering these questions from my studio in North Hollywood. Driving a bone stock 64 Cadillac Coupe De Ville.
EM: The name has some connotations that come with it- was that intentional when you were deciding on a name? What is the story behind the name "Psycho White"?  
TB: Yeah, the names kinda crazzzzy, but so is the project. Yela and I were in the studio and came up with the song "PUSH EM" and Newport (Yela's homie) heard it and was like, "That's some psycho white boy shit right there". The name just stuck. We never looked back, just forward. Anybody that knows either Yela or myself or where we come from knows we're the farthest thing from racist.

Download: Travis Barker feat. Yelawolf - Push 'Em (background vocals by Skinhead Rob & Tim Armstrong)

EM: You had a wide range of projects that you've been featured on in addition to being a member of Blink, going all the way back to Boxcar Racer and the Transplants - at any point, did you consider yourself to be a member of Blink-182 first and foremost, with everything else on the side?If so, then have things subsided enough with Blink for that to change?
TB: Always been a member of BLINK since I joined the band however many years ago. Those are my brothers. However, side projects are a must. I love switching shit up and collaborating. Keeps things interesting as I love so many different styles of music.
EM: You've worked with a lot of vocalists and rappers over the years- whose someone you haven't recorded with, yet you'd like to in the future? (You can name anyone, but it would be cool if the person wasn't dead.)
TB: 2 Chainz and I would be a great collab. Would love to work with Elvis Costello or Sting too. Willie Nelson, Damien Marley, Prince, the list could go on and on.

(note: we  actually debuted Psycho White's single, "Push 'Em", in Straight No Chase Week 15, but we made it available for you above)


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