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DVS - "Good Morning America"

NYC rapper, DVS, is an enigma. In fact, when I first heard of him, it wasn't for his music. You see, DVS sort of belongs to this "Weird Twitter" community that tweets surrealist, absurd things. Usually poor grammar and intentional spelling mistakes are involved, which ends up creating this amazing juxtaposition when speaking on political issues. Anyway, DVS is part of this community and has a huge Twitter following. But the dude also raps. Really well. 

"Good Morning America" is the first track off DVS's next album, DVTV. On it, he raps incredibly quickly and viscerally. Listeners won't be surprised to learn that DVS actually grew up fronting hardcore bands, which gives his voice  an inherent splash of conviction. The track is produced by Yuri Beats and includes these awesome little blips and beeps speckled throughout and compliment DVS's punctuated delivery flawlessly. 

 Stream "Good Morning America" below and download it here. And please, please, please, follow DVS on Twitter

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