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Adele – "Skyfall" (Clark Kent & Oscar Daniel Remix)

When Adele's recent hit, "Skyfall" first was leaked, it was such a huge surprise for everyone because we hadn't heard anything new from Adele in so long. Almost instantly afterwards there was a slur of remixes that followed since remixing Adele has become somewhat of a 'passage' into producing EDM. 

Today Earmilk gives you the latest from Clark Kent and Oscar Daniel. If you're unfamiliar with either of these dubstep artists then I suggest you do your research. Earmilk has featured Clark Kent several times before and he's coming out to be quite a regular with his heavy bass and distorted vocals. Oscar Daniel on the other hand is a fresh up and coming artist that you should be sure to keep following. These two combined though make a powerful remix filled with a dreamy bass and a heavy distorted kick. They manage to keep the original catchy tune and Adele's vocals but layered their own signature sounds on top. Enjoy. 


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  • Something is seriously wrong/off with "Cosmic Love"….

    Avatar Grant Lacey October 22, 2012 6:24 PM Reply

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