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Bart B More - The Box/Glow [EP]

Bart B More got his start in the underground techno scene in Europe and has built his production style around these influences. With a reputation for putting on anticipated live performances that have a huge breadth in style, his presence at any event stands to give more power to the tight following he's gained over the past few years. 

Coming off a summer filled with the back and forth between festivals, the Dutch producer has released an EP to tide us over while he continues traveling around the world. Out on his own Secure RecordingsThe Box/Glow translates  the impressive amalgamation of style that he uses live onto two solid songs. With festival exposure and preview video  that carries a well-executed sense of humor, The Box/Glow picked up some hype over the summer.A crossover between electro, nu-disco, electronic with a dark techno edge, "The Box" is the standout production on the release because it it a track that can satiate the wants of a few different types of fans., and has the energy to carry the live set that Bart B More is known for. 

    [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/60055975" iframe="true" /]

Dance · Electro · Nu-disco · Techno


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