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Raz Fresco & ChillxWill – "No Hookz"

These kids never sleep, while continuing to work on their full length release The Popcorn Tape. Toronto's Raz Fresco and fellow Bakers Club member ChillxWill , a native of Tacoma Washington present a mini project titled No Hookz. Self explanatory, this raw mixtape has both young MCs going back and forth over some gritty instrumentals with no hooks in between. The goal of this project is to resurrect the iconic days of in-your-face early nineties hip hop. The Popcorn Tape that the two are working on is set to release some time in late 2012 . No Hookz can be downloaded through the official Bakers Club website.

Download: ChillxWill 'n Raz Fresco

Download: ChillxWill 'n Raz Fresco



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  • dont ever think you can kill a beat like big L

    Avatar anon October 11, 2012 10:19 AM Reply

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