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Seeed - "Deine Zeit"

I want to label the new self-titled Seeed album as European-industrial-dub, or maybe electronic-future-reggae. It's what R2D2 would jam if he ate a weed cookie. This trippy twelve track record has German club energy that's been warped and twisted under the weight of haunting, raspy horns. It sounds like what you'd hear If you stumbled into a post-apocalyptic dancehall club in Berlin: undead Peter Fox, Boundzound, and the rest of the Seeed crew making some zombie asses pop. I personally thought Seeed was finished but this new album proves that they truly are back from the dead. Here is one of my favorite tracks "Deine Zeit". Check out Seeed's website to buy the album . 

Stream: Seeed - Deine Zeit



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