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Volta - "Kontrolle" [Exclusive Track + EP Preview]

"Kontrolle" - control. It has always been a special habit in the techno scene to have some German influences in your track names or vocals, but in Volta's case it is more than that. His real name is Christian Näthler and that might already give you a clue where the Toronto-based DJ and producer was actually born. The answer is Jena - a small and vibrant university town in the middle of Germany and although he lived in Canada for the biggest part of his 23 years of life, he still has a lot of listeners in Europe.

He released his first EP It Comes In Waves at the end of 2011 on Raving Loony Records soon followed by a remix EP for the track "Keyboard 47" on the same label. The EP featured remixes by Dunjinz, founder of Silver Wave, Rob De Large and Needs. In 2012, Volta did some remixes for them as well as a remix for Count Clockwork on Vocabula and  a whole bunch of brand-new originals. One of them is "Kontrolle" and I am pleased to give it to you as a free and exclusive download:

Download: Volta - Kontrolle

"Kontrolle" seems to be perfect as a title because the track has this nicely synthetic and robotic flare generated not just by the Boys-Noize-like vocals but also by the electric synths and clear sound. Furthermore, there is a preview of Volta's forthcoming two-track EP Mossing/Wasabi:

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/2522631"]

The first track "Mossing" is a dirty and dark techno weapon whereas "Wasabi" got more electro elements and goes completely crazy in the middle. So stay tuned for this release and do not forget to follow Volta for further information.

Dance · Electro · Electronic · House · Techno


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