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Jensen Interceptor - Interception [EP]

Australia - the country of sharks, spiders, jellyfishes and an awful lot of other deadly animals. But who would have thought that it is also the origin of some of the freshest techno that is produced right now? Probably, the visitors of the amazing underground events of Motorik! already had a clue because they have been able to feel the vibe for over a year now. They enjoyed and hopefully became part of the high quality music scene that has developed in the country.

At the beginning of the year, the Motorik! crew decided to release some of their own EPs and started a label. With records by CSMNT61, The Finger Prince and Light Year, they managed it to establish themselves in the scene all over the world. But there are still some members left to release on the label. One of them is Mikey Melas, better known as Jensen Interceptor for about a year now. As a former associate of Light Year and influenced by a lot of music from underground techno to the hip hop of the west coast, Jensen Interceptor developed his unique style that could already been discovered on the previous releases of Motorik! where he featured some remixes like he did for Nickel and Eskimo Twins.

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Earlier this week, the time has come for his debut on Motorik! called Interception. This four-track-EP shows how versatile but distinctive his productions are and that "UNTTZ" is not just a marketing thing for the label but the essence of everything. The EP starts with "Interception" - a 110 bpm monster with a tremendous bassline and the stomping qualities of an elephant. The track sets the mood for the whole EP - it is incredibly dark and deep but always has a little twist. "Amynl" is a track with the most captivating build-up that I have heard in a long time with a smashing drop following. Jensen Interceptor seems to play a lot with small vocal samples and other little details which makes listening to his tracks always very interesting and exciting. The third track "Highway" even features a higher-than-average portion of this creativity and offers a some really surprising breaks. The last track "Spoiler" is definitely in my personal top ten list of tracks released this year. Amazing vocals, a LFO with superior modular action and the simplicity of this amazing production should convince everyone.

All in all, Jensen Interceptor is on fire and this is without a doubt one of the best EPs released this year so far. Below you can find another remix Jensen Interceptor did for Light Year's track "Moderation", together with his label mates CSMNT61, which was released a few weeks ago on the Moderation Remixes Part 2.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/58906295" /]

 Interception EP

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