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G-Eazy - "Plastic Dreams" (Feat. Johanna Fay) [Video]

With his upcoming album release on the horizon (Must Be Nice is due September 26), G-Eazy is preparing appropriately by dropping the video for his latest track, "Plastic Dreams." In alignment with his retro style sensibilities, the video, directed by Tyler Yee who also created G-Eazy's "Marilyn" video, plays to the rapper's juxtaposing lyrics on beauty and destruction. "We went for a trippy, surreal vibe with the video," G-Eazy says, "it's inspired by the original 1984 Macintosh commercial. We wanted to capture... the idea of chasing the dream as told by mainstream media, only to rise above and destroy it." Produced by the rapper himself, the track also features an original hook by New Orleans dream-pop duo, Johanna Fay. Support G-Eazy by purchasing your copy of Must Be Nice here.
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